Matthew Verdon

  1. Oikos Logos


    Collabortaive studio residency with Hannah Rowan and Gregory Herbert, curated by Will Clarke

    A festivalistic laboratory that developed research through practice. The artists worked with live organisms such as algae, wheatgrass and spirulina to explore the notion of the paranode within nature and the forms of environmental networks that occur in human influenced ecologies.

  2. Helios I & Helios II


    Shade cloth, bamboo, seasonal affective disorder light bulbs

    120 x 90 x 65 cm & 130 x 60 x 60 cm 

  3. The desire that we desire the most never gets fulfilled V - IX

    VIII 2018 Rockwool, hygrometer 25 x 18 x 4 cm



    Rockwool, hygrometer

    25 x 18 x 4 cm

  4. Tiling the sea


    Rustproof paint, interior emulsion, cork, shade cloth, mobile phone photograph printed on vinyl

    105 x 85 cm

  5. Who are your potential ecosystem partners


    Phytoplankton, bromelain food supplement tablets, water, storage boxes, pumps, domestic heating pipes, aquarium pipe, pipe insulation, burette stands, CFL grow light, shelves


    Part of a collaborative project with Gregory Herbert:

  6. Des Esseintes’ Tortoise


    Bamboo, oyster shells, home brew bucket, water pump, aquarium heater, clamps, plastic pipe, water, pipe insulation, rattan, cable ties, string

    180 x 200 x 60 cm

  7. It was like we hadn't seen each other for a long time


    Organic compost, hybrid wheat seeds, weatherproof PVA

    42 x 27 x 8 cm

  8. Hyperthermia



    11 mins 39 secs

  9. Compact of free association 2


    Bamboo, shells, computer fan, washing machine hose, rattan, cable ties, string

    170 x 180 cm

  10. You're keeping me warm


    Rustproof paint, fungicidal paint, weatherproof paint, wi-fi thermostat, plywood

    75 x 60 cm

  11. Absence makes the heart grow fonder


    Air conditioning unit motor, ammonite

    30 x 35 x 35 cm

  12. A hedonistic moment of non-conformity


    Mercedes coolant expansion tank, coconut, burette stand

    95 x 30 x 12 cm

  13. Am I your midlife crisis


    Fermenting crushed grapes, carbon dioxide, wine making yeast, honey, ibuprofen, St John's wort, valerian root, freezer bag, glass jar

    47 x 22 x 22 cm

  14. Inflicted with a chronic lack of willpower

    Photo courtesy of SEIZE Projects

    Photo courtesy of SEIZE Projects


    Water bottle, melted snow, pond weed, aquarium air pump

    26 x 8 x 8 cm

  15. MesoDahlem


    Dehumidifier, steel, wood, ratchet strap

    156 x 26 x 34 cm

  16. Biospheric isolation tank

    2014 (ongoing)

    Compost, carbonated natural mineral water, spontaneous growth, acrylic boxes, vinyl hazard tape

    34 x 26 x 5 cm

  17. Surplus to need


    Genetically modified wheat seed, printed tea towel, oven dish, solar powered motion sensor security light

    40 x 25 x 25 cm

  18. The Cloud


    Shimmering sun protection lotion enriched with Tahitian gardenia oil, postcard, non-archival c-type print on paper

    35 x 26 cm

  19. Slip slop slap


    Shimmering sun protection lotion enriched with Tahitian gardenia oil, c-type print on paper, MDF

    75 x 60 cm

  20. Replenishing resurrection recovery


    Digital print on fabric, c-type print on paper, sandbags 

    152 x 117 cm

  21. Biofuels: a growing alternative


    Maize plant grown from seed, bourbon whiskey, intravenous drip, burette stand, compost, pot

    150 x 100 x 60 cm

  22. Air depollution prototype


    Photocatalytic concrete with tobacco, seasonal affective disorder light bulb, light fitting, acrylic

    40 x 22 x 22 cm

  23. What lies below the surface shapes comprehension


    Computer monitor privacy filter, electron microscope image of Arabidopsis thaliana leaf, second hand lockable noticeboard, pins

    90 x 60 cm

  24. When you look younger you feel younger!


    Brick found on a demolition site, all purpose filler mixed with anti-ageing serum containing Gingko biloba

    7 x 26 x 11 cm

  25. Faith in a better future


    Genetically modified soybeans grown from seed purchased on shipped from the USA, Dieter Rams 606 Universal Shelving System made from recycled timber and metal, large and small petri dishes, CFL grow light, digital print of Albert Bierstadt's Looking Down Yosemite Valley (1865)

    189 x 400 cm

  26. Climate Engineering Prototype


    Solar oven, gold leaf, burette stand, light fitting, seasonal affective disorder light bulb

    62 x 46 x 38 cm

  27. Water finds its own level


    HD video

    10 mins 17 secs

  28. My parents wanted a nice door stop, so I made them one


    Cement, compost, liquid plant growth hormone

    7.5 x 23 x 13 cm

  29. SPF 30+

    Original work

    Original work


    Extracted chlorophyll, shimmering sun protection lotion, geotextile

    70 x 50 cm

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